Perseverance pays off!

Hello everyone again!  I just realised that I had made no mention of the weather at all in my description of last week and it does deserve a mention as the sun has actually put in an appearance, although there has been some rain.  Monday and Tuesday were beautiful, sunny and milder, although I could only imagine it as I saw it through the office window.  Wednesday started very cold but the sun shone through and soon melted the ice on the windscreens. 

I also forgot to give my beloved a tribute for his perseverance in sorting out a connection with his printer on the new network with the new router/modem supplied by Virgin Media.  It took him a while to get the computers connected to my printer but at least that could soon be sorted, so I have been able to print since Wednesday afternoon.  He was not so fortunate with our main printer as it stubbornly refused to be recognised by the computer network and my beloved could not find a way to reprogram it.  He does not like to be defeated, so he went on line to look for forums for help and discovered that IT people in businesses had been having the same problem, so he tried out various suggestions at first to no avail.  He began to try many ways on Wednesday evening, going up and downstairs several times but without success; he slept well that night as he was exhausted!  On Thursday the process continued and on Friday but still no success!  After I returned from enjoying time at Café Culture with Joan, I decided to do some tidying up in the front garden, as it was sunny and even warm; one bush looks as though it has given up, but maybe chopping it right back might revive it; anyway I just gave it a try.  As I was doing some of the gardening my beloved came out with a beaming smile on his face; yes you have guessed he had managed to sort the printer out so it worked from the network.  He amazes me when he never gives up and succeeds in the end.  I do admire him!

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