A week when the Sun made an appearance!

  Hello everyone.  I had a good week at work beginning to get on top of patient summaries and coding.  I had a Fairtrade Group meeting on Tuesday and although I was home by 9pm I felt shattered even when I woke up on a lovely day, Wednesday, my day off and had to make an effort to go shopping, arriving back when our lovely gardener, the York cycling gardener, arrived to tackle the ground elder jungle; it was amazing to see the difference he had made by the time he left more than 4 hours later!  I came out and tackled a bit of the ground elder and dandelion profusion but I did not have the same stamina Martyn Clayton does.  After a snack lunch I still felt exhausted so I had to abandon the thought of gardening and just rest; I was still being plagued by a headache that remained underlying even if I took an ibuprofen tablet, so I decided not to bother with painkillers as they did not really cure it.  I saw my best friend for a meal out at Pizza Hut on Wednesday evening and it was good to catch up with her news.  It was actually not as busy as usual in the restaurant, so we got good service.  Having two evenings out made me feel much more tired, but it has been great to have some better weather which makes me feel better. 

On Monday my beloved had his stitches removed from his chest wound which was fine but taking the one stitch from his biopsy on his leg on Thursday proved a bit more difficult as it was so deep!  He is recovering better from this minor surgery than he did when he had a larger basal cell carcinoma removed a couple of years ago.

On Friday I helped at the Acorn Centre, but this time I took my computer with me as I decided to learn how to use excel and maybe access on Microsoft 2007, as I learnt my skills using Microsoft 2003 and I enjoyed that.  On Saturday I relaxed later in bed before going to town to collect my new glasses and have my treat of a massage which my daughter had given me a voucher for my birthday; it was lovely and relaxing.  On Saturday evening my beloved and I enjoyed the penultimate knockout round of the Voice goes live. The judges have whittled down their groups to 5 singers each, and next week the final 3 contestants will be selected for the Live Shows.  My beloved and I find the talent on this show far greater than the X Factor.  It was a good week, especially with the sunshine and warmth except for the rain and hail on Monday and torrential rain on Friday; I was glad to tackle some more gardening.

It has also been lovely to watch the juvenile birds in the garden, sparrows, dunnocks, and starlings; it is hilarious hearing them call to their parents saying feed me and flapping their wings to attract attention to their needs!!  My beloved and Martyn our gardener whilst having a break and drink enjoyed watching 4 juvenile sparrows flying low over our pond and landing on a lily leaf and other vegetation on the pond; they were obviously exploring their surroundings and experimenting!  My beloved has enjoyed making videos of the juvenile birds, as they waited to be fed or explored their new freedom.  It is a treat to watch them all.

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