Spring at last as May comes to a close

It was lovely to have an extended weekend with lovely weather over the bank holiday weekend.  It was good to enjoy the sunshine and get out into the garden.  It has been lovely to see the sun and the loveliness of the apple blossom and the flowers which are only now coming into their own.  I was good to have a shorter week at work too.  I have been enjoying having some time off when I am not having to spend time preparing for a service. I enjoyed my day off last Wednesday even though it was rather wet, as we began to do some sorting inside the house; it felt good to make a start.  I saw my best friend, Hilary, in the evening and we enjoyed sharing a pizza at Pizza Hut and catching up with each other’s news.  It was easy driving to work as it was half term and most of the traffic seems to have disappeared!

I was pleased that the weather was good at the weekend so I could get out into the garden to clear some more weeds and prepare the ground for Cathy’s lovely fiancé Ken to make a base for our new summerhouse.  I found that very therapeutic.  The sunshine made me feel so much better too.  Only a few students came for the computer course last Friday as it was half term, but those who came made a great deal of progress.  I enjoyed the treat of a full body massage on Saturday, which always makes me feel relaxed.  All in all the last week in May was a week that lifted my spirits as the garden continues to come to life with the new Spring growth and we hear the summer sound of bees foraging in our garden; this year all the flowers look particularly fresh and bright, probably more so after the long cold early Spring. 






























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