A week’s holiday at home

I have had a lovely week’s holiday at home with my beloved.  I was lucky with the weather, so I was able to get some tidying up done in the garden with my beloved.  It was great to be able to lie in later and relax whilst my beloved rested.  I also managed to do some sorting in our bedroom, although I have only done half of it. 

I have begun to fill boxes whilst I decide what I need to do with the selected items.  I have already taken 2+ dustbin bags of cardboard boxes to the tip and a bag of goods to one of our local charity shops, so I feel I am beginning to get somewhere, a bit a time!  Of course as I clear some items I find more to sort, but it will get better, I am sure. 

It has been lovely to spend time with my beloved; we had a lunch out at the Park restaurant and we have signed up for a loyalty card, so we can get money off future meals or parts of meals.  We also enjoyed catching up with films we had recorded and transferred some to DVD.  We also had a meal at Café Culture which we enjoyed. 

On Thursday I baked a couple of apple cakes one for the Acorn Centre and one for the surgery, when I return to work on Monday. [ I look forward to being able to retire next year, so I can spend more time at home and fit in all the things I plan to do.]

Today I was at the Acorn Centre and the apple fruit cake was much appreciated as it disappeared rapidly!  The sunny weather which came today after a damp start was appreciated and most students came and made progress. 

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