Saturday concludes my holiday at home

On Saturday I had a treat of a massage which felt as though it was just what I needed; I nearly fell asleep.  It was good then to come back and relax with my beloved accepting that the weather had turned much wetter.  We enjoyed the radio play and woman’s hour on Radio 4, before we turned to listen to the Jazz on Radio 3. 

I began to feel dopey as I was reading background material in preparation for a service, so I decided to do some more sorting upstairs.  Believe it or not I have finally cleared the double bed in the spare room and most items have been allocated a place, even if they still need to sorted in those spaces; for example my beloved needs to sort his selection of leads and other sundry electrical goods into some easy to access order.  At least this week I have removed some boxes from the loft, so I have even made a start on sorting that disaster area!  My daughters bless them, had helped me sort it before, but the chaos has escalated again!  At least this week I have managed to send some things to the charity shop and begun to bag up more for the shop.  Order seems to be coming finally as I do sorting bit by bit! 

On Saturday evening we recorded the final of the Lieder section of the Cardiff Singer of the Year to watch on Sunday, as we wanted to watch the final of the Voice!  We were most impressed by the performance of Matt with Jessie J in the duet and also we loved Danny and Andrea’s performances; they too had a great relationship; in fact these pairs impressed us the most.  I have never really liked Leah as a performer although she seemed to be so popular; however she seemed a lovely person as were all the candidates in the final.  We did not find Mike’s performance as special as Andrea and Matt’s, so we were shocked to find that Matt had been excluded by the first round of votes, so that Mike, Leah and Andrea were left for the final performances.  I expected that Leah would win but both my beloved and I were relieved that Andrea won.  Matt or She would have been worthy winners. It was lovely to see Andrea’s disbelief and Danny’s thrill; she has a lovely sweet voice which is very tuneful.  It is great to see her relaxing and enjoying the singing!  I am sure that the finalists will have a greater chance of a career as their strengths as performers have been seen. It was a great climax to a week’s holiday at home.

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