Work, home and family

I was disappointed that Cathy did not come home on July 1st as unexpectedly she had to increase the length of her shift till just before her cousin Ellie’s wedding, as one nanny had a problem with her passport.  Cathy as usual took that in her stride; she has always been sensible and good at fitting in with people. 

However work was busy as usual but I was able to see Beth on my day off which was great. She joined us for lunch. Our gardener Martyn also came on the Wednesday and in his efficient manner completed all the tasks we had asked him to.  My beloved says that the reason it takes me so long to do a small area is that I am too much of a perfectionist, which I am sure is true!  It was good to see Hilary, my best friend, that evening and we enjoyed our usual pizza together in Pizza Hut with the salad.  Hilary and I can never eat all of the large pizza between us so we always bring some back for our other halves. 

I still love to help at the Acorn Centre on a Friday, as well as learning to use my Word 2007 on my own laptop, and databases on Works, having originally learnt using Word 2003 and Access 2007.  It will enable me to use my computer for more than just writing tasks. 

It was lovely to spend some time with my beloved relaxing over the weekend.

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