A somewhat eventful journey to Woking

On Saturday July 13th I set off from Hornbeam Park Station at 7 minutes past 7 following all the careful instructions Ken, Cathy’s fiancé had set out for me in minute detail; he is an absolute treasure as he had bought my tickets in advance and worked out my itinerary in detail.  I arrived in York in good time for the train Ken had booked me onto to King Cross London; in fact one train left before the one Ken had suggested, so I had time to buy a hot drink to take on the train with me, as I had not realised that there was a buffet car on the train.  Once in my seat I settled down with my book, a rare treat to find time to read; I also had a cold drink with me too and some sandwiches and salad to sustain me on my way. 

The journey to London went well and then I had to find the underground to go across London to Waterloo for the final stage of my journey to Woking for my niece’s wedding.  I found where I needed to buy tickets for the underground but I joined a long queue and asked a lady in the queue which zones I needed to buy to get to Waterloo.  I was going on the Piccadilly Line getting off at Leicester Square, which I did but then discovered that the Northern Line was shut for maintenance; how did I get to Waterloo Station then?  I asked an official who told me to get back on the Piccadilly line and get off at the next stop Piccadilly Circus and join the Bakerloo line which I did and was relieved to arrive at Waterloo Station, but the ticket would not let me out of the underground!  It asked me to seek assistance and when I went to the kiosk offering assistance the man told me to wait as someone would come, but when no one did, so this time in tears I returned to the kiosk and the man came and let me through. I raced up the escalators to the station and found the train relatively quickly and although the train stopped at most stations on route I got to Woking at about 12.10. 

I was looking for either Beth or Cathy who were somewhere on platforms but I missed them and found myself outside the station. My wonderful mobile phone got me in touch with Cathy and they came running out of the station and it only took 5 minutes to get to the hotel. Fortunately I was able to get a shower as I was hot and sticky after the hot journey and then I put on the dress for the wedding, which Beth had brought down for me in the car.  We then set off to go in Beth’s car to the church but we could not find the car park so instead we went by taxi and arrived at the church in good time for the wedding. What a relief! I had made it after a somewhat stressful journey in London!!

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