The Day after the Wedding and the Journey Home

I had not slept too badly despite the heat but I found it difficult to wake up, so I took my time to come too. However I decided to be up before the breakfast was brought to my room.  It felt good to have a more leisurely shower and I settled down with a cup of tea and continued to read my book. I managed to finish the book a few days after  my return, as by that time I could not put it down; it was ‘The Casual Vacancy’ by J K Rowling. I really found it very good and so true of the families in those social situations; the characters were so well portrayed that I felt I was living alongside them and experiencing their lives.  She is an excellent writer.  The breakfast arrived, orange juice, cornflakes, a blueberry muffin, and white toast.  I had brought soya milk with me as I am careful to restrict my ordinary milk intake (ever since I had a severe reaction and my colon went into spasm).  As milk had also been brought I ran after the member of staff with the milk, and found I had managed to lock myself out of my room!  I called after her and apologised as she had to go and get a key to let me back in the room, so I could eat my breakfast and pack!!  I felt such a fool!  Once back in my room I realised I had no spoon or knife, but I did not want to trouble the staff member again, so I improvised!  It just took a little longer to eat the cereal with a teaspoon and put the jam on the toast with the teaspoon’s handle; I did laugh!!  I found I was surprisingly hungry so even ate the blueberry muffin, as I knew I was going home to my beloved.

I have only been away from him 4 times at night since we married in February 2009; once to be with my sister Janet, when her hubby Robert was dying, to support her, twice when my beloved had overnight stays in hospital for investigations and the previous night.  Beth and Cathy took most of my luggage back with them in the car, so I only had a couple of bags for my return journey.  I set off for the station and arrived in good time to catch the scheduled train to London Waterloo arriving at 11.50am plenty of time to catch my connection home at 1pm. 

That journey had gone smoothly as far as London and then the fun started!  Remembering the long queues at the underground to buy tickets I set off to the station but I discovered to my horror that the underground was only opening at 1pm, the time of my train from Kings Cross!!  I then went to get more cash out to pay for a taxi, but had to join a queue of course; it was the only cash machine working in Waterloo Station!!  I then rushed out of the station following signs to the taxis, but once outside the signs disappeared so I asked someone who suggested I had for the main street, but on finding nothing I headed quickly in the opposite direction and found the taxi stand and joined the queue!  Although time was ticking on, I still thought I had plenty of time, so was not too stressed.  I finally got into a taxi at 12.25 and asked him if he could guarantee getting me to Kings Cross on time for my train to York at 1pm. Much to my dismay he said he could not, as Waterloo Bridge had been closed for a fun run, so traffic was moving at snails pace!!  By that time I was beyond caring and just laughed and asked him to do the best he could, which bless him he did! 

He got me to Kings Cross at 12.50pm and full of thanks I added a tip and hurried into the station, but nowhere could I see the train to York mentioned!!  I hurried to an information desk but they could not help if it was not on the screens, so I set off for the platforms and thankfully over the loud speaker I heard the wonderful words that the train on platform 4 was the 1pm train to Edinburgh stopping at YORK!!  I legged it to find the platform and with much relief found my seat and began to relax, even when initially challenged about the seat the person in question realised they were in the seats in front of us.  Now I settled down to read and drink the tea I had purchased on the platform; now I could relax. The buffet car enabled me to buy some juice and sandwiches for my lunch.  I must admit intercity travel between London and York is to be recommended and it was air conditioned which helped in the continuing extreme heat. 

I had some time to buy a drink and even fruit in York Station as I waited for my connection to Harrogate and home. It was lovely to arrive at Hornbeam Park Station and wend my way home to meet my beloved en route!  I found Beth and Cathy had arrived about 15 minutes earlier than me after a much better journey home, than Beth’s journey down on the Friday.  I felt so glad to be home with my beloved again and relieved that the heat did not feel as intense as in Woking and London!


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