Some disappointment but later a renewed optimism

On Monday July 22nd I went to work looking forward to coming back to our new summerhouse, but my beloved rang me upset that the builders had been hacking large branches from some of our bushes as the summerhouse was taller than the space available. The supplier had been to vet our base but failed to notice the bushes which needed to be cut back. I thought it was better to return home and stay until it was completed, which I did, only to find that one of the panels of the summerhouse was faulty with a long crack in the wood and some mould on it.  It would have to be returned, so I asked them to take it all back until it was all ready for construction as the panels took up a lot of space in our garden.  I then returned to work after I got the shopping for my beloved and left him feeling calmer. 

Fortunately our gardener Martyn was booked to come and he was able to reclaim the bushes by tidying them up so that the bushes would recover.  He always amazes me by his efficiency at sorting out our garden in record time; if I garden it always takes me ages to clear one area at a time. 

I must admit it was good to have Friday to relax with my beloved after another busy week at work.  On Saturday I enjoyed my treat of a lovely massage, although this time I did not doze as much, as I enjoyed a chat with Sylvie as she massaged me.  It was a week of mixed experiences.

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