A week of socialising and learning

In the week beginning August 5th I continued to busy at work, but at least I still had the help of a student doing scanning, which gave me time to do some summarising and coding.  I was typing as well as the secretary was on annual leave moving house, but fortunately there was not too much to do, so I could also do some of my own work.

On Tuesday evening I went on a course about how to report on local preachers in training without being over critical but offering mostly positive encouragement; however it was important too to give guidance with where they might improve but ‘in love’.  Although I understand what they are saying I hate the phrase ‘in love’ as it is so difficult to put that care across when we offer constructive ‘criticism’ and yet it is very important to help the trainees to gain in confidence and expertise in their training. Also I know that I always have more learning to do in my service preparation and preaching, even though I have been preaching since 1990!  Actually the course reminded me very much of the training courses I took when I was a teacher, when we had to avoid being negative and yet try to keep the pupils on track; we needed to praise several times to one correction.  It was often easier said than done!

It was lovely to have my sister Janet and her husband Graham for a meal on the Wednesday evening and it was lovely to begin the evening in our summer house. We had our meal inside but decided it was a little too chilly to return to the summer house.  We enjoyed lovely chats and humour.  It is so lovely to see Janet and Graham so happy together.  Their busy lives make me feel tired. I just don’t seem to have their stamina; Janet was even undertaking 36 holes of golf at the weekend!  I am glad that Graham keeps a protective eye on her.  It is no wonder Janet needs her holidays, as that is the only time she rests! 

I am learning to relax at home when I have time off, but I have to make myself read books, as I feel guilty just stopping to read.  Actually the summer house makes it easier for me to relax, as I do not see all the sorting that needs to be done! 

On Friday as many of the staff who could joined Chris for a meal at the Tiger Inn to wish her well in her retirement at the end of August.  We will miss her as she was always so cheerful although her family have gone through a lot of challenges in the last 2 years after her husband was diagnosed with lymphoma, which is in remission at the moment.  We enjoyed a lovely meal and chats and speeches, as one of our doctors worked out if she had been the longest serving member of staff.  However the 13 years she had worked was eclipsed by a member of staff who is still working who has already been there 15 years!  Time passes so quickly.  I have now been working there for more than 7 years!

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