Busy weeks at work with relaxation at the weekend

At work from Monday 19th August I was busy again as the secretary was still off.  I had little time for my own work, but managed to keep up to date with most secretarial work.  I was learning to be more efficient. 

On Wednesday I took my beloved to the dentist and he had the all clear.  I had a hair appointment with my favourite hairdresser Sinead who has opened her own salon in Otley; as it is a new salon called ‘Pulse Hair & Beauty’ on Bradford road I had my hair done at a reduced rate and it was lovely. She is so talented that I was quite happy to follow her to the new salon. 

I worked even more overtime on Thursday so I arrived home later than usual, as there was so much to do and I knew it was bank holiday Monday and did not want to delay an urgent referral, as I don’t work on a Friday. 

I was glad I had booked a leg massage on Friday, as my ankle and calf was still so painful.  I found it felt easier when I left Skin Sanctuary.  At home I carried on being busy and eased myself and a washing basket load of washing to hang out through the backdoor whilst my beloved was preparing lunch.  Just as I heard my beloved warning me to be careful I lost my balance tripped over plant pots outside the backdoor and fell catching my ear on the arm of our wooden garden bench and my beloved helped me up as I was stuck there!!  As I went following my beloved’s advice and headed to sit down inside when I noticed I was dripping blood from my ear!  My beloved wiped my injury with TCP and I had to hold a tissue over my ear to stem the bleeding. Obviously I felt shaken and then decided to ring Cathy who had just come back home again and she very kindly took me to casualty to be checked out; I thought it best not to drive down there. I told her to leave me there as I could get a taxi back, but bless her she stayed with me, whilst I was checked out and tested for a possible TIA.  Fortunately tests seemed fine except for my raised blood pressure, although the nurse presumed that was because of the shock.  They decided not to stitch my ear or fix it with steristrip it, as it was already knitting together well. 

Cathy brought me home and I followed Cathy’s and my beloved’s advice to ring our superintendent minister and see if someone else could take my service that Sunday.  I felt awful giving such short notice but realised I needed to rest and recuperate.  As I had heard nothing by Saturday evening I had completed my service and rang the steward to tell her she could have read my service, if no one had been found to take my service, but I was relieved that someone else would be taking the service, so I could relax properly. 

I rested on Sunday, although I leapt up when the steward from the chapel where I had been going to preach, tripped over the lead of my computer, lost my balance and fell into the television nearly knocking it off its stand. I again rested on Bank Holiday Monday and was able to get into work on the Tuesday.  Although I had not wanted to do as much overtime I still did an extra hour on the Tuesday as there was so much work to do.  I cancelled seeing my friend Hilary on Wednesday evening as I realised I needed to rest.  I made another appointment to see the doctor, who could see that my ankle and calf were less painful, but had arranged for me to have a diabetes check, which was normal.  My blood pressure was still rather high so I am on the waiting list for a Home Blood pressure monitoring machine, so it can be checked over a longer period and make sure it is not ‘white coat’ raised BP.  He also reminded me that I was not as young as I used to be; my response was that my 71 year old sister plays golf regularly, but he told me that we are not all the same, which I realise is true! 

Martyn Clayton came and worked his wonders on the garden tidying it up.  The ‘York Cycling Gardener’ Martyn is an asset to us.  I had to do another long overtime stint on the Thursday so I was tired the next day, but was glad that I was having a whole body massage on Saturday and looked forward to a couple of weeks holiday from work to rest and relax at home with my beloved. 

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2 Responses to Busy weeks at work with relaxation at the weekend

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    what a chapter of accidents! It is difficult to keep pace with them all. Trust things are now better (I am reading these blogs one by one)

  2. helenbeech says:

    I am trying to be more careful but I am still very tired as I am busy at work and also preaching. I just am not as energetic as you older siblings.

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