Enjoying family

On Wednesday 28th I had also seen Cathy who was back for a couple of weeks.  We had a busy morning so we all decided to go to Café Culture for lunch, which was lovely. My beloved, Cathy and I all enjoyed it. It was lovely to hear how Ken was doing in the flats they had bought.  It was not exactly relaxing for Cathy, but having no shower but just a working toilet has given the incentive she needed to go to the gym each day and workout before having a shower.  We have seen her a few more times than usual as Ken her fiancé is so busy at the moment, whilst she has brought in a load of washing and the good weather has meant she could get it almost dry before returning to her flat in the evening. 

I also had a follow up appointment at the doctor’s, only to be told that I am not as young as I have been!!  When I retorted that my sister, Janet, who is 71, 10 years older than I am, plays regular golf, his reply was that we are not all the same.  My blood pressure was still raised so I am on the waiting list for a home monitor to check it. My blood test for diabetes was normal, so that is good.  Maybe my recent falls are more due to a house, which is an obstacle course as my doctor suggested, than that I am losing my balance more often; I usually trip first then find it difficult to regain my balance!  I certainly need a rest which a few days off work offer me.

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