Family Time and Celebration

Cathy came back in the last week of September which was great.  She came to see us on Wednesday 25th September but she was exhausted just as Beth had the previous week and she needed to rest.  I drove her over to my hairdresser later that afternoon who has moved to Otley, so she knew where to go the next day.  On Thursday she had her 2 hour appointment which went very well, so she has decided how to have her hair done on her special day; Sinead will come to our house on the morning of the wedding to do our hair.

On Friday 27th we took Beth out to celebrate her 35th birthday to Al Bivio’s restaurant and as Cathy was home too she came as well with my beloved and me at 6.30pm.  Of course it was full and rather loud, and that seemed as though it would spoil our evening; but the staff were more than helpful and supportive and with no grumbling moved us to another table in the restaurant; and as it was still rather noisy, I asked if there was a possibility of eating outside in the foyer and they obligingly moved us again to yet another table, but this time in splendid isolation!  It became a special celebration for us; the staff kept coming to serve us an excellent meal; everything was delicious; it was a very special birthday indeed.  I could not recommend that restaurant at Hornbeam Park more highly; it is our favourite restaurant with its delightful Italian dishes and delicious fish dishes. We enjoyed a variety of dishes including sea bass, pizza and another fish dish.

I relaxed the next day with my beloved before I was taking the service at Wesley on Sunday which I had finalised with our worship leader last week.

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