A good week at work and at home with family

On Monday October 14th I was busy again in work but as Beth, my daughter was on holiday she came and joined me for lunch, which gave me a lovely break. Normally I eat my lunch as I work, but this time I needed to stop and relax.  We had a lovely chat and a laugh, which lifted my spirits, after the previous eventful weekend.  I actually got on quicker with my work that afternoon so I was pleased.  I again was making progress in catching up on the backlog of work and beginning to feel more in control, especially as the doctors are still very helpful in telling me which of the letters need to be coded, so I can concentrate on those without having to read through the mass of post there is to see if a new code has to be added. 

On Wednesday our gardener Martyn came and I took him over to Cathy and Ken’s house to see if he could tackle the front garden; he spent about an hour and had managed to tidy up the front flower bed and would be able to do more if required when he comes back in November.  He then came back to tidy up our garden, although when the heavens opened earlier than the forecast had led us to believe, he was glad to shelter from the worst of the downpour in the now waterproof Summerhouse!  He finished slightly earlier than usual when the rain became more persistent.  He always does an amazing job in the time he has!  I really don’t know how we coped before he came. 

Beth also came and joined us for a sandwich lunch as I was eating later with my best friend Hilary.  It was good to see Beth again and we also went for a drink together and a chat in the Café Culture for about half an hour after she came.  She had been to the weekday prayer and communion service at Christ Church and apparently they had all had the same thought and brought homemade gluten free cakes, so she had enjoyed a feast there!  She brought us a couple of her buns which despite being gluten free melted in our mouths and were lovely and light.

I had a lovely chat with Hilary at the Pizza Hut.  Fortunately it was not too busy as it was not school holidays.  We are getting well known there and the young waiter knew we wanted 2 small boxes to take the remainder of our large pizza home to our hubbies!  The waiter was in good form and quite chatty.  

On Friday to our surprise and joy more students enrolled on the computer course and I was so busy helping that I barely had time for a bite of lunch.  I much prefer to be busy.  It is so good to have keen students.  Over the week I had been completing my service for the following Sunday and just finished it on Saturday morning, so I could relax.

My beloved began to feel better back home and enjoyed relaxing in the Summerhouse and we enjoyed relaxing evenings together.  He feels much more settled at home. As a child he moved every 18 months with his family, because his father was a lay pastor in the Methodist Church and at times in the International Holiness Mission.  My beloved’s longest period of stability of home life was in Sunderland for 4 years from the age of 12 till he left school at 16.  He never achieved his potential at school in Sunderland as he was penalised for not knowing things he had not been taught such as how to swim, what a hooker did in rugby or how to read music; all of which impeded his progress together with his natural rebellious streak at school! 

Unfortunately nursing which he had longed to do had to be abandoned after 18 months training, when he could not function as a nurse after working nights!  He has worked in many jobs, none highly paid, in the Civil Service in London, later taking a degree as a mature student in theology at Hull University, where he achieved the highest grade awarded that year of a 2.1, in spite of suffering from exam phobia. 

Again he met with frustration in his career choices after qualifying because he was not put forward for professional type jobs,  as he had previously worked in lower paid jobs.  He did explore teaching but realised he would not be able to follow his own ideas in a restricted curriculum; he would have been an excellent lecturer, but that pathway did not open for him.  He has not had as fulfilling a life as he might but fortunately for me I met him and he has enriched my life in every way and shown me that I am truly lovable, as he accepts me as I am; I could not help falling in love with him and that has grown in our shared experience of life’s ups and downs.


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