A busy week but with time to relax

I had another busy week at work in the week beginning October 21st but felt I was at last getting some more new summaries done and even doing some coding.  I still had to follow up the secretarial work on the Thursday, which could be time consuming, as the secretary is still only working 4 days a week.  I did some baking of cakes on Wednesday a gluten free cake for Beth and a cake for the Acorn Centre and a couple of apple crumbles.  I enjoyed spending time with Beth on Wednesday.  I enjoyed relaxing at home with my beloved, especially as I unexpectedly had a Friday off from the Acorn Centre, as the centre was closed that day; it was lovely to spend extra time with my beloved.  On Sunday I took the crumbles and apple fruit cake to church.  At church I found out it was the diamond anniversary of a Ray and Mavis at church and they had brought a cake in to share with us all, so I gave them the apple cake for the actual anniversary, about which I had not known. The special anniversary cake we all shared was delicious.

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