Cathy’s Hen Party

I had invited Hilary and her husband Les to have lunch with me and my beloved on November 20th as it had been Hilary’s 65th birthday, when she had decided to retire from her work as an outreach worker for families.  Of course being retired she had become very busy, so could not make that date.  I was relieved about that as I was still feeling washed out with the throat virus I had, although I had begun to be able to eat a little.  I  felt so much better that I went into work on Thursday, not realising that I was not really ready to return.  I kept having coughing fits and cut my day short to return home to rest.  Whilst I was at work I realised it would be better for me not to help at the Acorn Centre on the Friday but to rest and give my body more chance to heal.

On Saturday November 23rd was the date of Cathy’s hen party and I hoped I would be able to enjoy it.  We met not long after 9 in the morning at the Turkish baths for a two to two and a half hour session.  Although I have lived in Harrogate all my life I had never been before.  We were shown the different rooms and the plunge pool.  I decided to try it all.  I was still so stuffed up and full of catarrh so I decided to start in the steam room, which I initially found too hot and tried the plunge pool; which was quite a shock.  I then went into the coolest hot room and gradually as I alternated between the steam or hot rooms and the plunge pool and I began to be able to breathe more easily and relaxed.  At 11am I went for a relaxing Turkish massage and I found it so relaxing that I found myself washing my face with shampoo rather than my hair!!  I had decided beforehand that I would not join the lunch party, but went home to continue to rest.

I met Cathy and her friends with Beth for pre-meal drinks before we went to Luigi’s for a meal and as I had gone in a taxi I enjoyed a glass of wine.  We had a lovely time at Luigi’s. Cathy’s friend Kristina gave me a banner which read Mother of the Bride, which was funny.  Cathy had all the paraphernalia of a bride to be on her hen night.  Apparently the little girl of 8, Cathy cares for when she works with her family, thought as it was a hen party they would all be all be dressed as chickens!!  Kristina had prepared a questionnaire about Ken and she had to choose the correct answer or do a forfeit; she had to behave like a chicken; she did 5 press ups in the restaurant and she wore a wig and various other sundry assets.  It was great fun. I was still very tired and the food which is normally so tasty did not taste as good, but then I realised that I was still not completely well.  I went home in a taxi whilst the young folks went clubbing!  It was fun day.

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