As November comes to an end

I had a busy week at work being back full time on Monday 25th and although I had  a lot to catch up with I made an effort to leave work no later than 5pm; on my busiest days before I was ill I usually worked to 5.30pm or even till 6pm, which had made them long days as I started at 8am!  I still felt rather tired but was happy to get home earlier and spend more time with my beloved.   I had a dental appointment for my usual check up with a different dentist who made me feel more relaxed than usual, as I don’t like dentists very much!  On Friday it was the final session of that course with the computer at the Acorn Centre and I had made an apple cake for them to share.  There were another 3 weeks of a new course before Christmas, but as I was so shattered I was advised not to come for those weeks to give myself a chance to recover fully from the virus, especially as I was working three days a week and was preparing a service every other week from the beginning of December into January.  On Saturday morning I helped at a fund raising coffee morning for our chapel.  I was on a stall selling various goods; I found a number of extra presents there too.  I was glad to be able to rest on the afternoon before taking the service on the Sunday.


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