A week of meals out and relaxation as well as work

On Wednesday December 11th I finally managed to arrange a time for Hilary and her husband, Les to join us for a meal at the Table Table restaurant, which was lovely.  Hilary had achieved 65 and had finally given up working to spend more time with Les, who suffers from a number of serious health issues.  Life was busy initially for her in the run up to Christmas so it was great when they could come.  The waitress was surprised as we polished off all the food presented to us; obviously she is used to people leaving food on the plates!  I was brought up with the motto ‘Waste not Want not’ and I could never leave anything even now!  Mind you it was no problem to me as I was always hungry; now I find it easier to feel satisfied as I am happy and settled with my beloved.

During my first marriage my weight used to balloon up and go down depending on how much stress I was facing!  I needed to lose weight also after I had a complete breakdown and came out of teaching.  As I changed my diet and exercised more I managed to control the weight and when I retire I look forward to having more time for walking and exercising; it is difficult now I am spending most of days in front of the computer at work.

It was another busy week at work, but the receptionists are getting better at doing the scanning to give me more time to do coding and summarising of new patient notes, although I wish some of the sets of notes were not so bulky as just reading them takes so long.  I had a review appointment with the doctor and he decided not to make any changes at the moment to my medication.  I had a filling done at the dentist on Friday 13th December with Mr Lone who did not hurt me at all; a first, as I felt relaxed!

On the Friday evening about 15 people from work enjoyed a lovely meal at the Square and the Compass at North Rigton.  The food was lovely and hot and varied, delicious and I was able to have a drink as the new practice nurse Lauren’s partner gave us a lift. The only trouble with not driving was that I had to wait for her boyfriend to arrive and we gave the other practice nurse Louise a lift to Spofforth before I was finally taken home.  I think that as I was tired I tripped over the pavement and fell in the mud but only had a graze on my knee and my hand and leapt up embarrassed. Lauren was very concerned but I assured her I was ok and cleaned myself and was so glad to be home with my beloved by about 11.45pm.  On Saturday I enjoyed a massage at Skin Sanctuary, my treat.

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