Christmas Week

On Sunday December 23rd it was our family Christmas Service with our young people participating.  As we no longer have an evening service at our chapel we combine the nativity service with the lessons and carols.  It was jointly co-ordinated by our deacon David Hunt and our minister Trevor Dixon leading the prayers.  Our choir sang some lovely carols and we enjoyed singing some of the favourites. Members of the congregation did readings. Sisters Rachel and Anna who run the Sunday school sang a lovely duet.  Their mother, Jenny, is a stalwart of the choir. Their father Philip is a gifted organist who is often playing at other chapels in our circuit. The young people dressed up but did a nativity service with a difference.  They had a screen with three possible answers to nativity related questions, which we were asked to answer; one selection was obviously wrong. It was an interactive service, which kept us all on our toes.   All in all it was an uplifting and worshipful service, a real Christmas celebration.

Life was busy as I prepared for Christmas and it was great to have a week off with my beloved.  Christmas day was quiet and restful with Beth.  We felt very tired as Beth had only just finished work at 4 pm on Christmas Eve and I was still recovering.  In fact after our sumptuous lunch we were too exhausted to open all our presents and decided to save some for Boxing Day.  It was lovely to extend our Christmas enjoyment, Beth, unlike Cathy likes to extend her enjoyment. Cathy adores opening presents and finds it very difficult to wait!  We enjoyed the Christmas television together and my beloved managed to enjoy the day as it was so restful.  It was lovely to have Beth staying with us, although she had to go to feed her cats each day.  She was concerned about Crystal her more timid cat not being there when she popped in to check on them so she was relieved that she had re-appeared by tea time on Boxing Day when Beth had returned home.

She had an early start on the next day at work.  She chose to have Boxing Day off as she prefers to have a couple of days to recover from the pre-Christmas rush as she is a baker at Sainsbury’s.  It is amazing how much food is bought over the last few days, as the supermarkets will be shut on Christmas day! I enjoyed relaxing with my beloved on Friday and Saturday as we had plenty of food and my beloved is such a good cook I am able to rest more.  It was rest I needed and I got plenty.

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