A busy week

On Tuesday January 28th I was all set to go to the Labour Party AGM, although after a long day at work I was reluctant to go, when my beloved became unwell I sent my apologies to the meeting.

On Wednesday I had an appointment with my doctor as I seemed to be falling more frequently and scraping my knees and collecting bruises; he has begun to reduce medication.  So far so good as I have not yet fallen since and I feel fine as I reduce the medication.  At about 4pm I had my hair cut and styled in preparation for the wedding the following week.

Before work on Thursday I was at the doctor’s being fitted with a 24h blood pressure monitor, as my blood pressure had been raised, so I started work late.  As I worked later to make up my hours I got caught in traffic so I had arrived home late.  It took more than half an hour to get up Leeds Road back home, because of the single file traffic on the Leeds Road outside the new M&S Store in the process of being built.  I must admit that I will be glad when we are not walking through mud anymore and there are not long hold ups in the traffic.  By the evening I felt shattered by my day and had to send my apologies for a meeting at Wesley on exploring the getting of a Christian Bookshop at our chapel.

I had a good day at the Acorn Centre although I gave my apologies for the following Friday as it would be my daughter Cathy’s wedding.  On Saturday February 1st there was another coffee morning at my former chapel but I could only just leave my contributions for it, as I was going to a theology morning led by Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop.


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