Family and friends

I had another busy week at work as usual, but was beginning to make progress in catching up with my coding backlog and even doing a few more new summaries, depending on the length of notes; some sets of notes have several copies of summaries from the different surgeries they have been and those take a lot of reading through!

On Wednesday it was a treat to go to Janet and Graham for a meal; the chicken dish was delicious with a good supply of vegetables which I love.  It was followed by a lemon meringue pie and of course by a lovely selection of cheese with biscuits. We enjoyed our chat with plenty of laughs. I was so glad my beloved was well enough to enjoy the evening. We always enjoy having meals with Janet and Graham but they may be retired but we always have to fit in with their full social lives!  I hope I have half the energy they have when I get to their age.

On Thursday evening my superintendant minister Mark rang and asked if I could do the sermon at Wesley Chapel on Sunday 26th January, as the preacher planned had had an operation and was not up to doing the sermon as originally planned with our worship leader Christine leading the main part of the service. I quickly looked at my services from other years on the call of the disciples after Christine told me that was what she had been preparing for.  I made suggestions about hymns to Christine and I managed to use a previous sermon as a basis, but it needed quite a bit of adapting for that Sunday!  Christine managed to get readers and led the prayers.

I enjoyed helping students with their computer skills and revising things I had learnt but forgotten, as I tend to use Word processing more than the other programs.  On Saturday 25th we had been invited to a surprise 60th birthday party. Christine is my friend whom I see as regularly as I can, as she stopped being our secretary, when she became the carer for her daughter’s 2 boys, now age 3 and 6; her daughter is a trainee registrar in Paediatrics and her shifts constantly vary, so Christine has to be flexible and fit in.  Also her husband is a newly qualified consultant in Geriatrics and will looking for a permanent job for September.

On my way I thought I would try my Sat Navigator to see if it had a quicker route, even though I roughly knew the way there.  I wondered wherever it was taking me when it asked me to turn right into a single track road, so I did not follow that road.  The next right turn looked better, I thought until I hit a flood but fortunately I was able to navigate safely.  On my return home I ignored the Sat Navigator and got home more easily!

My former colleague Christine was 60 at the beginning of January but January 25th was the only time her husband John could guarantee she would not be there, so he could set up the surprise.  One of Christine’s presents had been a cookery course with Betty’s where she was from 9am till 5pm. We all duly arrived by 4.30pm and parked our cars further along the road so she would not realise there were a lot of extra cars there.  Our retired practice nurse Joan was able to come to the party, as was our practice administrator Joy as well as me, unfortunately my beloved was not well enough to go with me.  Isaac and Luke, her grandsons had only been told on the day or they would have given the surprise away.  Christine rang to say she was just leaving Harrogate so John had gone upstairs to get the call, so she did not hear any of the noise of people.  When her car arrived we all quietened down and the light was switched off in preparation.  We had all been given party poppers to pop when she came in the room, so when the door opened the party poppers went off and she looked thunderstruck; but fortunately she did not have a heart attack!  She was thrilled to see that Joan, Joy and I had come, as we are friends from work.  I was struck by how little 3 year old Luke just ran straight to Christine as soon as she arrived although his parents were there!  Of course Christine has been a more constant figure in the boys’ lives than their parents with their varied shifts.  The boys helped Christine blow out her candles.  She was quite tired after her course but so glad that so many neighbours came too, but we did not stay too long as she needed to rest.

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2 Responses to Family and friends

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    I suppose some folks like surprise parties. Me – I would hate it! Janet and I have a pact that neither of us will ever do a surprise party for either of us. But it seems as if Christine enjoyed it all – so that’s all right!

    • helenbeech says:

      I agree. I think she did the best she could to enjoy it as her husband and family had arranged it, but Joy and I both felt she would have probably have come back after a long course on cooking to relax, but was too nice to say anything and disappoint her guests.

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