Wedding Fever mounts

On Monday February 3rd I got as a lovely surprise to have a phone call from Cathy as she just wanted to hear my voice before she had her symbolic wedding in Switzerland and that phone call just made my day; I beamed from ear to ear all day.  Once I got to work everyone could see I could not stop smiling; I must admit it took me an hour to calm down and settle properly to work!  I did not feel so far away from her on that special day.  I knew Beth would be supporting her and enjoying some skiing.  The venue of the wedding was in Grindelwald apparently where Ken had last competed at the age of 19 as a professional skier.

Ken was very patient with Beth trying to give her some help as he had been a professional skier in his teens, but Beth decided to have a skiing lesson too and after that she felt more confident.  When Beth was skiing down the slope Cathy decided to video her, until Ken realised she was heading straight for Cathy, tried to get Beth to stop but she couldn’t and she was careering faster and faster and missed Cathy and a post by an inch and landed sprawling in a heap!!   Someone was definitely watching over Cathy and Beth!! (Apparently Beth’s boss in Sainsbury’s was relieved that she returned unscathed from her skiing in Switzerland!!)   Beth and Cathy stayed with the women in one apartment whilst the men were in another apartment.

It snowed from Friday evening and all day Saturday, so the scenery looked absolutely wonderful for the wedding.  Cathy and Beth went up in a special cable car where a bottle of champagne was provided for the bride and bridesmaid.  The wedding was set to take place up on the slopes.  Cathy carried a bouquet of red roses.  There was a giant heart of petals set in the snow. The red roses looked beautiful against the background of the snow.  The wedding ceremony was led by the wedding organiser and his wife took the photos; during the ceremony they exchanged silver necklaces with mini cowbells on to seal their contract, so that they would never lose each other.  After the ceremony had concluded the 20 guests shook their cow bells.

They were very fortunate that the sky remained blue and that it was not too cold as the ceremony took place, but then the blizzard of snow came and the wind increased but nothing could dampen the happiness of the bride and groom. Even the family for whom Cathy works came with three of the children who loved shaking the cow bells!   Ken’s mother, Margaret had arranged a meal for all guests to participate in; each person could select what they wanted to eat; it made the occasion of the symbolic marriage even more special.

Cathy and Ken then set off for a night in a hotel near Geneva; she had asked the P.A. of her boss who used to work at that hotel to find a cheap room of about 250 Swiss francs for that night in the 5 star hotel.  When they arrived at the hotel, to their surprise the room had been paid for by the family she worked for and upgraded to a suite with champagne on ice, petals in the shape of a heart on the bed, and petals in the bath!  A designer hand bag by Louis Vuitton was there too for Cathy much to her delight; I must admit it meant nothing to me, as I had never heard of the designer; however our hairdresser and Cathy’s friend Kristina knew exactly how special it was!! They had complete room service, and an hour’s massage each, and a Chinese meal.  Cathy’s comment when she returned was that everything was perfect!

I was on holiday from Tuesday and took the opportunity to begin to reorganise the chaos of the downstairs rooms by finding homes for those things I needed and sorting out some of the kitchen cupboards.  That helped me feel more ready for the coming Friday.  On Wednesday I took my sister, Janet her birthday present, 2 days late, as I was rather tired after a busy day at work on Monday, but I did ring her and wish her happy birthday!    On Thursday morning I went to Skin Sanctuary to have a pedicure and manicure, a lovely treat to prepare for the big day the following day.  I was expecting the delivery of Cathy’s wedding dress ready for the big day and I was puzzled that it seemed to be getting later;  my beloved and I were invited to join Cathy and Beth at the Table Table restaurant at the Premier Inn for 6pm, where they would be staying the night!  Finally they arrived in a rush explaining that the dress, having been steamed had needed emergency stitching ready for the next day!  My beloved and I had a lovely meal and chat with Cathy and Beth; we also saw the wedding photos from Switzerland and from the special room in the hotel.  My beloved was in great form and made us all laugh with his sense of humour; it made the occasion special.

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