A relaxing week

On Sunday 9th after the service finished we shared a faith lunch, as we were having the annual church meeting. As usual there was a plentiful supply of food and it made the whole meeting more relaxed; important issues were discussed including the final details of our church’s development which we are still trying to get agreed by the Methodist Church’s listed buildings expert.  All being well the pews will be removed at the end of March and the other changes implemented.  I felt shattered after all the excitement of the wedding and was only too glad that I had a week off work to recover.  I found myself sleeping later each morning as I needed the extra rest.  It was a good time to catch up with blogs.

On Wednesday our gardener came and he managed to do some tidying up before he gave up when the rain set in and if he had continued he would have just made the grass muddier than it already was. In the evening I was able to tell Hilary all about the wedding.

On Friday I was still on cloud 9 after Cathy and Ken’s lovely wedding day and still grinning from ear to ear.  They looked lovely in the photos too, although my beloved was still sorting them out, so I had not yet got any on my computer.  My beloved spent hours sorting out Beth’s video of the wedding; he is a perfectionist and he managed in the end to make a lovely video with the different scenes of the wedding and the reception and speeches.  Some of her hearty laughs needed to be edited out but on the whole the video captured the occasion well; I found it all very moving. After I had finished helping with the computer at the Acorn Centre I had a back massage and facial as that was on offer that week; it all helped restore me ready to return to work on February 17th.

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