An active week with family and friends

I had a busy week at work but seemed to making progress thanks to the support of other members of staff.  On Wednesday our gardener Martyn  Clayton (York cycling gardener) came and had a really productive day in lovely sunny weather; he is amazingly efficient.  What he does in one day would take me days!  He had to keep removing his jacket and putting it on again; it was lovely and hot in sun but freezing in the shade. I was so glad that Wednesday 12th was such a lovely day for a change; at earlier visits Martyn has been at the mercy of the weather; pouring rain on one occasion meant he had to cut his session short, so that he didn’t make our lawn more of a mud bath!

A visit to the dentist for my beloved was fine; it was only an inspection. I always dread going to the dentist, especially as I often have to have some treatment!

I enjoyed going over to Otley for my haircut, although I had to take a number of diversions to get there on time. I always enjoy that treat, although I could tell her about the wedding I had forgotten to take some photos to show her!! Wherever I drive at the moment there are road works all over the Harrogate District, resurfacing the roads, replacing pipes, so I am learning ways round the obstructions. However Hilary advised me not to collect her for our meal out together as her road was being dug up and resurfaced from 7pm, which meant that the road would be closed.  We postponed it till the following week.  All this is long overdue but is now urgent in preparation for the Tour de France in July. I think I shall stay close to home so I hope that I don’t have a preaching appointment that Sunday; it might be difficult to reach some chapels on the route with so many road closures to come!

We had a lovely surprise on Wednesday evening when Cathy and Ken rang to pop in and see us; the first time I had seen the newly married Mr and Mrs Gibson since the wedding.  It was lovely to see them still so obviously happy and contented. Ken’s business as an estate agent seems to be getting off the ground and they have decided to try to sell the basement flat as an ongoing project, so that they shall be able to buy their own home earlier. The completed flat is also on the market.

I had a message on my mobile on Thursday 13th March and from my beloved to go to my doctor’s and to collect a BP monitor to take a week’s readings after work on Thursday.  Of course as I had to collect it before the surgery closed the traffic seemed worse that evening, meaning that I arrived with only 5 minutes to spare!  I followed all the copious instructions on how to prepare to have my blood pressure recorded.  It was raised in the early evening, although my pulse was absolutely normal; I even later in the week tried to close my eyes and deep breathe as my beloved suggested but it was predictably raised!  It was generally lower in the morning readings, as long I barely moved before taking it, but if I forgot to do before going downstairs for my drink of water, even waiting 10 till 30 minutes it was raised again.  I hardly had to move and it was raised!  I had to be barely awake to have a low reading!   Once again I had a busy time at the Acorn Centre helping students with the computer; I always love to go there. I enjoyed a relaxing weekend with my beloved.

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