A more active week

Work was busy again but I was pleased to be catching up with my backlog of new notes needing summarising and keeping up with the coding.  On Wednesday morning I led worship at Berwick Grange Methodist Home for the Aged (MHA).  I enjoyed a walk down to the home as I was not for a change rushing back to do something else.  It was a lovely walk as though cold the weather was fine.

There were not many of the residents present and they seemed far away, but once we began singing the familiar hymns beginning with ‘Guide me O Thou great Jehovah’, they began to show interest.  As I lead worship I keep walking up and down to keep their interest. I focussed on the theme of leaving the familiar and going on with God into the unknown, as we read about the call of Abram to leave Haran to go to the land of Canaan, as God had asked. If Abram obeyed God, He would never leave him and make him into a great nation with innumerable descendants.  What made Abram’s obedience even more surprising was that he was a settled wealthy man, who left his home at the age of 75 with Sarai, his wife and his cousin Lot to embark on the journey.  He and his wife were then childless but believed God’s promises and in that way he became through faith our father in the faith.  Before I gave the short talk, which I acted out as I recounted the story of Abram, we sang a favourite hymn of mine, ‘Just as I am without one plea,’ and that was a popular choice. One of the elderly residents began to read the verses of the hymn before we sang it.  When singing she kept losing her place, and asked me to come and sing with her; she thanked me for doing that.  I was pleased that being with her was a help to her. Worship concluded when we sang ‘Great is thy faithfulness.’

The walk back was good and seemed much quicker, now I was not in a hurry!  It was so good to see some sunshine.  I was still doing my BP readings to be completed on Thursday morning and my reading was predictably lower in the morning, but always was raised in the evening, however much I tried to close my eyes and sit still for at least 10 minutes before my beloved took the reading for me!  If I so much as moved it seemed to be raised, although my pulse was steady and low in keeping with my slowing down!  I had a healthcare check at the doctors that afternoon, so I took the car, as time was more of the essence.  My general diet was good and my blood test results good with low cholesterol.  My main problems are being a stone overweight and not exercising as my work means I am working on a computer all day.  As I leave early I am too tired to exercise and after a full day at work I am ready to relax and watch TV with my beloved!!  I will try to take a break and a quick breath of fresh air to break up my working day and now we have lighter evenings I hope to do a quick walk round the block with my beloved. I hope to get myself going better. Also we are still eating up chocolates from Christmas and I do treat myself to cakes at the weekend, which I will try to eat less of them!

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