Time with my family including Mothering celebrations

On Thursday 20th March I drove my younger daughter Cathy up to Durham to get her passport renewed in her married name, as she could not wait for the usual time it took. She had made an appointment for 11 am. It was a great journey up following the SAT NAV and leaving that bit later meant we did not get held up by traffic. We soon got to the centre and we did not have to wait long before she was seen, so we set off to walk along the river just near where the Passport Office was. She had told me that today was my treat, in advance of Mothering Sunday, as we enjoyed our walk. We had 4 hours to kill before we returned to collect her passport.

We had decided to walk in the morning as the forecast had predicted pouring rain. We met a delightful couple of gentlemen who were enjoying their usual walk and at Cathy’s request one of them took a photo of the 2 of us with the bridge and Cathedral in the background and showed us a back way into the cathedral when we had crossed a bridge. He told us how he had been a police officer and how that bridge no longer took traffic, but used to take court traffic. It was a cold blustery day but it was good to walk and spend time together.

After a visit to the Cathedral, which was free to enter as the gentleman had told us, so I gave a donation, we wandered round the lovely streets. We had spotted ‘Bella Italia’ by the riverside so we found ourselves wandering round the streets to try and reach it and finally we found it and we were fortunate to get a table just vacated overlooking the river. I had wholemeal pasta with chicken slices and Cathy had a pizza. It was so lovely to spend time together, especially as I had only seen Cathy for one day in December, not all in January as she was working all month. Of course she had most of February off for her weddings and honeymoon, so I only saw her a little in February before the wedding! Therefore it was lovely to see more of Cathy this time. It was really special to spend the day with her.

Today I opened her gorgeous Mothering Sunday card, with me and her after her Harrogate wedding on the front and another lovely photo of Cathy with me and Beth inside; perfect! She also bought me an M&S jumper and a couple of fridge magnets; lovely.

Today my beloved and I were provided with a delicious Mothering Sunday lunch, beautifully cooked by Beth. It began with sea bass with vegetables and roast potatoes, followed by bread and butter pudding, which was delicious and homemade! Beth even made a delicious carrot cake for us! It was a brilliant meal; she is a real homemaker. Our lovely relaxing lunch was completed with delicious coffee.

We were greeted by 2 of Beth’s cats, Jasper and Jess; Jess was particularly sociable, although she did not settle with us. A bolt had shot out as we arrived, Tabitha, as she is terrified of anyone new coming to the house. Beth brought her in for my beloved to meet, but she had to hold onto to her for him to get a glimpse, before she wriggled free and shot out of the cat flap again! Crystal had come in and was resting in Beth’s bedroom and allowed us to stroke her; she is sweet and gentle but shy. Beth gave me a lovely big card saying, for my lovely mum! She gave me some lovely big warm slippers too. I am so blessed by my daughters.

I also got a lovely phone call from Kathleen. I had sent her cards for the day, as it struck me that she had been my step mum for nearly 39 years and I had wanted her to realise how much I have appreciated her over the years. Cathy and I were so thrilled she could join us for Cathy’s wedding in February. I am so fortunate with all my family.

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