A time with family and friends

I had a busy week at work but did make some progress. On Wednesday Cathy came over to see me and we drove over to drop my car off for its first MOT and its annual service, as we decided to go to Knaresborough market whilst the service and MOT of my car was being done. We asked for a lift to Knaresborough if possible and a very helpful gentleman took us. However I will let them collect the car from home in future as they are happy to do that, as it took a long time, especially as I had to have some new brake pads fitted. We were glad to support a stall in support a local charity for research in brain tumour therapy. After our neighbour lost her husband to a sudden and quick brain tumour and Cathy lost her best friend Kate to the same disease. We had a wander and a drink and scone in a café in Knaresborough until we were feeling frozen and called for the car to collect us and take us back to wait in the warm till the car was ready. In fact when we arrived back we found out the car was ready. We grabbed a quick hot chocolate to help us defrost, whilst I signed the papers. We were glad to get warmed up. I had a relaxing weekend with my beloved after the last session on the computer before Easter on Friday.


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