The hour change gets worse the older I get

On Monday March 31st I took a day off as I still had a day’s holiday to spare and I was very glad I did, after we lost an hour in the change to British Summertime.  I think it must be as I get older that I find that change increasingly difficult; I used to get up easily in the morning, but now since that hour change I find it increasingly difficult to wake up. Mondays are the worst day for me at work, as I am battling with sleepiness all the time, drinking cups of tea and a couple of cups of coffee to try and get going.  Even on Tuesday I still found it difficult to wake up to set off for work, being woken with a shock by the alarm!!

On Tuesday the secretary went on annual leave so I had to be ready to do letters if necessary.  Fortunately I only had a few letters to type on Thursday.  I was glad to have Friday free as the computer course is closed over April, as the tutor is a farmer’s wife and April is a busy time for lambing on her farm.  I was relieved to have time to complete the preparation for my service on the following Sunday.  I was still tired on Saturday so I was glad to be able to have a relaxing massage, as that was just what I needed.  I hope I will soon get used to the hour change; it has affected me worse this year.

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