Family and Friends fill our lives with joy

Work was still busy whilst the secretary was on annual leave, but there were not too many letters to type and I was keeping up with coding and even doing some summarising.  We all work well as a team and help each other.  Our administrator had a special birthday coming up and had decided to have a holiday of a lifetime to celebrate, so we said our farewells on Thursday and will not see her until May.  We will all miss her but I am so happy that she is fulfilling a dream with her husband, which includes a cruise and a trip to New York.  I was also pleased that our secretary returned from annual leave on Wednesday so I can concentrate more on my work of summarising.

Our gardener Martyn came on Wednesday 9th April and as always he tidied it all up beautifully.  I continued to chop up the surplus branches to go into our garden bin and now that pile looks much better.  I was glad that the recycled materials were to be collected on Saturday because of the coming Easter break, as now I can do odd bits of weeding to refill the bin before our gardener returns after Easter.  Although it is still cold the sun is beginning to shine more and give us the hope that Spring and new life is beginning.

I enjoyed relaxing with my beloved and lying in bed a little longer on those days when I was not working, all of which is beginning to restore my energy.  I love spending time with my beloved. I love the sound of the birds chirping in the mornings to help me come too and to see the busy activity of the sparrows, the squabbling starlings, wood pigeons, and even a couple of magpies.  Even at work I can hear the sound of the joyful birds singing to welcome spring and it always cheers me and makes me smile. Nature is never far away. I am glad too that my beloved has enjoyed some days relaxing in our summerhouse.


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