Family is so important

It was a good week at work as I began to have time to do more summaries.  It was lovely too to see Cathy on Wednesday, even though she was on a 9 day detox to kick start a healthy regime; having got married in February and been on honeymoon she feels the need to do this. However she was allowed to eat a steamed smoked haddock fillet and 4 small potatoes with us. I could not cope at all with such a restricted diet but the young can do it.  The detox finishes on Monday.  So when she comes on Wednesday she will be eating more normally before she goes back to work again next Sunday.  I enjoy spending time with her.  We did some shopping together and plenty of chatting.

It was good to have some more time to relax with my beloved too. The Wednesday in Holy Week March 31st 1999 was the day my beloved and I first met and it was to be in June we fell in love with each other and we still are in love after more than 14 years of marriage. We have been and are still very blessed to share our lives together.  I am still very thankful that God brought us together so that I could realise I was unconditionally loved and through my beloved Malcolm’s love I began to realise that God really loved and accepted me unconditionally warts and all; I long for others to recognise that truth of how God loves and accepts all who turn to him, not despite who they are, but because of who they are.

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