Friends and Family make life complete

Beth joined us for lunch on Easter Day and we exchanged gifts. I had bought a few treats for Beth and my beloved. We enjoyed spending time together. Beth was really thankful that Sainsbury’s was closed on Easter Day so she could enjoy worshipping at Christ Church. It was lovely to relax on Bank Holiday Monday with my beloved without having to get up early.

On Wednesday our gardener came and fortunately it was a lovely day for him to get on and mow the lawn again, even though we had had a lot of rain prior to his visit. Cathy came round to visit and we had a lovely walk into town to get a few things she needed. It was good to have a walk as we chatted as we walked. On our return my beloved had got up but was still waking up properly so did not feel awake enough to join us for a drink at Fodder’s restaurant, which Cathy was treating us to for Easter. On our arrival we chose a scone to take back to my beloved whilst Cathy and I had a pot of tea each and Cadbury’s cream egg cake. It was a lovely treat. At first we sat outside until it was too cold, and then we came inside and could enjoy the view from a position of comfort. I had my regular appointment with my hairdresser and enjoyed the drive to Otley and was not caught up in too much traffic en route back home, despite the continuing hold ups on Leeds Road. It was good to see my best friend Hilary in the evening as we went to our usual venue Pizza Hut and of course enjoyed much chatting and relaxation. It was a little harder to find ways to avoid the plethora of road works so I could take her back home and return to my own. I am getting expert at avoiding the various hazards as our roads especially those on the route of the Tour de France in July are being brought up to scratch.

I had another enjoyable and busy day at work but was glad to enjoy my last Friday off for a few weeks, as we start again with the computer classes at the beginning of May. I had a good walk into town on Saturday to do a few jobs before a light lunch with soup with my beloved. I was picking my younger daughter, Cathy, up from home to go to her friend’s mother’s wedding at St Andrew’s Church Starbeck. Alison Nicholson married the Reverend John Walden and her daughter Kristina was one of the bridesmaids together with grandchildren of the groom and the vicar, Francis Wainaina. The choir and music group set the scene for the entrance of the bride when they sang, ‘Father we love you, we worship and adore you.’ A prayer was said, before Alison, given away by her son, entered to the ‘Bridal Fanfare’ no 2 by Albert Barkus. We then joined to sing a favourite of mine, ‘I, the Lord of sea and sky.’ The first reading was from Philippians 2v1-11, ‘imitating Christ’s humility’, and ‘rules for living’ as shown in Colossians 3v12-17. Francis Wainaina gave a short reflection on the commitment the couple were making to their marriage for companionship and mutual support in the twilight of their lives. We then sang, ‘Bind us together,’ before the marriage vows were made. Prayers were then led concluding as we all joined together to say the Lord’s Prayer. We joined in singing, ‘Majesty, worship His majesty.’ Music was played as the register was signed. The happy couple left to the ‘Trumpet Voluntary,’ by John Stanley. There were banners all around, two of which particularly struck me; a balloon with loose strings on one side; the slogan read, ‘Do not dwell on the past, See I am doing a new thing’ – Isaiah 43v19; and the cord of 3 strands; ‘A cord of three strands is not quickly broken’, Ecclesiastes 4v12. It was good to wish them well and see Alison look happy. I had a good week with family and friends.

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