Practical Empathy

In a similar way the synod was similarly entrenched last July over the prospect of women bishops, but the High Catholic camp changed and abstained rather than voting against the measure, as they recognised the inevitability of the change so did not hold it up its progress. She and Elaine hugged each other, acknowledging their differences but accepting that change had to come; in fact all the Anglo-catholic camp hugged Elaine having queued up; they had shown practical empathy. The Anglo-Catholics had taken steps to help others, so that the church could take steps forward. The reform evangelicals still voted against the motion but it was carried thanks to the Anglo-Catholics bowing to the inevitable. They had accepted that it was time for it to be changed even though they disagreed, showing empathetic concern. In doing so we too are enabled to reassure people of their value and that God’s presence was also with them in whatever disagreements we might face. Then they too can seek the bigger perspective themselves with more confidence.

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