Family and Friends

On Sunday 11th May at 3pm I with Christine, my former work colleague, joined other work colleagues at the White Hart to celebrate the 60th birthday of Joy, whose name reflects who she is. She had just returned from a special birthday cruise in the Caribbean, also including a trip to New York with birthday money we collected enabling her to get lovely silver heart ear rings and a matching necklace at the famous Tiffany’s. Her daughters compiled a book of quotes from her friends including us at work. She looked amazing, so relaxed and tanned; it had been better than she had expected. We had afternoon tea, which was good, though not a patch in my opinion on Betty’s afternoon tea, but then it does cost more at Betty’s although that includes champagne. It was still good and quiet enough to be able to chat with our friends. It was lovely to see some photos. It is great to have her back with us again as we all miss her encouragement and smiles.

Work was busy but good that week and I enjoyed relaxing with my beloved in the evenings. I had to send my apologies for the Fairtrade Group meeting on Thursday evening as I was rather shattered after work. I do not have the energy or stamina I had when I was younger! It was good to be helping students with the computer at the Acorn Centre on Friday.

I was relieved to have a more relaxing weekend with my beloved after such a busy one the previous weekend. I do still get so easily too tired. Beth stayed with us for a few nights, whilst her lodger Owen redecorated her bedroom for her. He did a brilliant job but would not reduce his rent to her; instead she got him treats and bought him a bike from Ebay. She finds some bargains on Ebay. I am so glad that she has got such a good lodger as it just helps her afford a few extras. He is so grateful to have a place to rent after 2 years of sofa surfing; rents are too high and most places expect a bond of a month and a month’s money in advance, when he only gets weekly wages. Beth is quite happy to be paid weekly. She enjoys his company too as he does when he is not too tired and they watch TV together. He missed her company when she stayed with us. He has to be up early to set off for his driving job sometimes as early as 3am, so they are in good company, when Beth has her early starts at 4am at Sainsbury’s. Beth also baked some of her lovely cakes for us, delicious even though they are gluten free. It was a treat especially her ginger cake.

My beloved too was feeling unwell and very tired, so we had to put my sister Janet and her husband Graham off till the following Wednesday, as they were coming for a meal with us. Beth, bless her, came and did some cleaning for us, which was a real help for me as both our energy levels were at a low ebb.

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