Family, friends and work

I had a busy week at work but I was looking forward to a week off to spend with my beloved after his 70th birthday celebration on Sunday 15th June. On Wednesday 11th I was thrilled that Cathy was home for a few days; a shorter break than usual although she will have a longer break next month. We spent some time together going to Café Culture for a drink and a shared scone and of course plenty of chatting.

It was extra special as last month her time off was spent with her husband Ken in Cape Town in South Africa and swimming in a cage with sharks swimming round and under them. Apparently it was amazing and as Ken even felt the cage was unnecessary as the sharks were more interested in the tuna being dragged along in the water to attract them than them. They were very fortunate to have had the weather for the experience as it was cancelled the following day due to stormy weather.

Cathy showed us pictures later of the wildlife safari they went on. They had the trip to themselves as the others who had booked failed to turn up. They were really close to animals under the watchful eye of the ranger, who knew when it was best to move on. They were humbled by their experience of seeing the prison on Robben Island where Nelson Mandela had been held for 18 years in a cramped cell. At the quarry where the prisoners worked, on a return visit Nelson Mandela did not say a word, but picked up a stone and put it on the ground and others added stones to form a cairn to commemorate all who were held there and made to work. Cathy said she found it very moving.

I had to go into work on Wednesday as we were having a staff meeting but I had wanted to go in anyway to join the party for our colleague Leslea who was getting married for the second time on June 14th. I dropped Cathy in town before leaving for work. Of course being me, having prepared some cheese and pineapple on sticks for the lunch, I promptly left without them! Therefore I stopped at Morrisons and bought a couple of quiches to take. As there was plenty of food already, I took them home later! Leslea was very touched and appreciative of the gifts and the money collected for her and Bob’s honeymoon.

I rang Cathy as I left and after driving to get her, I found as you may remember in my Facebook account, I had lost my mobile phone and subsequently miraculously found it. It was good to go back with Cathy and spend time with my beloved. I then took her back to her flat which is now impressively furnished, before returning to relax with my beloved that afternoon and evening.

On Thursday evening I took my friend, fellow local preacher, Rosemary to the Local preacher’s meeting, arriving early as I was reporting on a preacher in training. Fortunately the meeting did not go on too long so I was home in reasonable time with my beloved.

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