New developments in Church and Family Life

Whilst Harrogate’s usual access routes were blocked we were delayed in receiving our chairs from the manufacturers to complete the next stage of the refurbishment of our chapel. The upstairs apart from secondary glazing and further decorating was nearly finished, so we could once again worship upstairs in our chapel. The first instalment of the chairs were delivered on the Tuesday and set in place by those who were free to help. As usual I was at work during the week and we had a busy and enjoyable week.

On my day off I drove over to Wetherby to meet Christine my former colleague from work for lunch. She had hoped to come and see me in Harrogate, but I put her off as it was the week of the Yorkshire Show; it was much easier for me to leave Harrogate than for her to come here. We enjoyed a walk, chat and lunch together in Wetherby.

Later that week Cathy was back for about a 3 week break, which was great. It gave her more time to fit in seeing us all and catching up with her friends as well as spending time with her husband Ken. She spent a lot of time looking at possible homes to buy, but was frustrated as although she was now in a position to buy a home to live in, not just do up, she found it very difficult to do. She put in a few offers, but they were realistic about how high an offer they could make and if that offer was not accepted it was back to the drawing board. Finally she found a property which suited them both and an kept increasing their offers in the hope of one being accepted; but again they had a ceiling in what they could offer. Later the next month an offer was accepted and they are now on the long road of securing the property with all the normal hiccups along the way. It was fun to share in Cathy’s searching whilst Ken was busy selling homes in his partnership with Alex, their estate agency – ‘Alexander Gibson Estate Agency; Estate Agency and lettings’ in Harrogate – Rightmove. I am very proud of my daughter and son in law.

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2 Responses to New developments in Church and Family Life

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    how lovely that Cathy and Ken have been successful in making an offer for a home – is this in Harrogate?

  2. helenbeech says:

    Calcutt is on the Harrogate side of Knaresborough. It is on the outskirts of Knaresborough.

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