A celebratory meal with my dear colleagues from work

I had arranged my staff get together for my retirement for the last day of July, as that was the best way to have most of my colleagues of the last 8 ½ years celebrate with me. August is notoriously difficult as staff tend to take time off for holidays then. Cathy had hoped to pop in and meet my friends at the meal but she and Ken were leaving earlier than planned to spend some time together; instead she came with me to work to see where I had been working on my day off. She was so pleased to meet my colleagues. Beth was able to join us for a drink on the evening at Table Table Restaurant. 15 of us managed to celebrate that evening. It has been the best place to work with my splendid colleagues. We are a great team. We were altogether in the conservatory of the restaurant which meant we could mingle and chat. It was lovely and relaxed. After I have left I will join for any celebratory meals with my former colleagues so I can catch up with their news. I was glad that the Acorn Centre had closed for August as I needed to rest following the retirement meal. My colleagues had given me a huge bouquet of flowers which lasted a couple of weeks. I have been so fortunate to have worked with such lovely people and made lasting friends.

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