Time to relax with family and friends

On Tuesday evening July 22nd I went to the Labour Party meeting but I was glad it was my day off the following day. Not having to get up early for work will be one of the good things when I retire, when I have evening meetings after a long day at work. We began to make plans for the general election next year; we still have to choose our candidate, even though our constituency is more Tory or Liberal Democrat. Hopefully as I don’t feel that is a real choice any more following the coalition we might attract some more votes, although I am concerned that UKIP will receive more protest votes; I just have to keep faith. I will stand again in the Local election at the same time for Labour.

It was good to see my friend Hilary on the Wednesday evening and catch up with her news whilst we enjoy a shared large Pizza at Pizza Hut and salad. We don’t manage it all so our respective spouses always have a treat on our return. On Saturday I relaxed and enjoyed a massage as well as having a repair manicure; it is the special treat I save money towards weekly, then it does not feel so extravagant to have the treat once a month.

It is good to relax and spend time with my beloved, sharing ideas, wine and watching the programs we enjoy on television or a DVD; we especially enjoy cartoons. A recent favourite is ‘Despicable Me 2’; it is good to have a good laugh and enjoy the underlying message. We have also enjoyed ‘Frozen’; we are just big children really!

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