Family, home and Politics – What a mix!

Work was busy again as I was helping my successor start to code letters and how to summarise; she was doing well but time was short. On Tuesday August 12th I was thrilled when my sister Fran came over to see me at work. She was most impressed by the facilities our new building gave us; she works as a medical secretary and they have wanted to move to better premises for some time. It was lovely to be able to introduce Fran to my colleagues and we went out for lunch together. I had planned to have an extended lunch hour, as I knew I would be able to make up the time later. We had lunch in an Italian restaurant overlooking the river and we enjoyed our meal. Time flew as I was so glad to see her in my place of work before I retired. She knew how well I got on with my colleagues and that it was the best place I have ever worked. I have been so lucky to have such an interesting job which challenged me as I learnt new skills.

Our gardener Martyn came on Wednesday and as always worked his magic in keeping our garden in some order. On Friday I had an appointment to see our MP Andrew Jones to discuss my concerns over mental health provision in the last few years. I was surprised to find the allocated time of 20 minutes was not just for me, but another lady who had also expressed concerns about the current provision of mental health support. There was little time to share our experiences so I was glad my beloved had downloaded and printed some of the current issues he had heard about online, as I could hand them in to the secretary. Apparently our MP is now working as a parliamentary private secretary in the field of health care. I am not sure our concerns will influence his policy, but at least I tried to do something by confronting him face to face, which is better than just signing petitions, which I still do.

As I volunteer at the Acorn Centre I can see the struggles of people coping with mental health issues and I am pleased that volunteering during term time to help with computers is helping some gain in confidence. I am just sorry, that the respite care for elderly people with dementia in Alexander House in Knaresborough is no longer available for carers; and that the day hospital that had played such a massive part in my recovery from my breakdown no longer is there for sufferers. Fortunately the Acorn Centre run by Mind still is there as a drop in, advice centre and beside the computer course offers other activities such as craft which is so vital.

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