Sunday August 17th at Bilton Area Chapel

On Sunday August 17th I reported on a service of a local preacher on trial, Clive Wilson. The theme was set out clearly when he began worship; ‘making space for God’. The choice of hymns complemented the theme; namely ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God’, ‘Make me a channel of my peace’, ‘A new Commandment’, ‘Be still’, and ‘Be thou my vision. The opening prayers were in the form of a poem which spoke of the trouble in the world. The readings all supported the theme – Isaiah 56 v1, 6-8 – all welcome: Matthew 22 v 37b-40 – love God and neighbour: Matthew 11v 28-30 – come to God for rest and a light burden. The intercessions and meditation gave us space to pray on the themes discuss. It gave us space to think and pray. He made clear that the sermon was to be a discussion and he did not have notes but it followed the theme of making space for God and he asked us to listen carefully to the Bible Readings and see what we saw in them. Members of the congregation were happy to contribute to the discussion. I found it a refreshing act of worship and we were stimulated to think for ourselves and place insoluble situations in the hands of God, as we waited before him. We were reminded that being in the presence of God would help us grow closer to Him; after all we are encouraged to ‘bring everything to God in prayer’.

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