Friends, colleagues, parties and farewells

It was my colleague Judie’s 50th birthday on Wednesday August 27th, so she invited her colleagues and partners to join her for a barbecue on Sunday August 24th; we were invited from 12 o’clock that afternoon. It was easy to find her as the Sat Nav stopped outside her home. It was a lovely sunny day and my beloved and I had a good welcome, including the greeting of her 2 beautiful young Tibetan terriers. They were enjoying the freedom of exploration of their expansive garden; they had not been left to play before in the garden as Judie and Ian had only just got a gate high enough to keep them contained. They were beautiful social dogs and my beloved was in particular taken with them. We enjoyed the barbecue and managed to stay a couple of hours; however we left before the dessert, which was fine as I was pleased that my beloved had managed to stay as long. It was lovely to have bank holiday Monday off, a preview of retirement.

On Tuesday August 26th we had a meal at a local pub to celebrate Carole’s leaving the surgery the day after my retirement. It was a fun occasion and Carole got a lovely bouquet of flowers, as I had done at my retirement meal. We had a lovely meal and it was a good occasion. I had worked later as there was not point in going home and coming back. Wednesday was my day off as well so Thursday August 28th was my last day at work. I still tried to tidy things up although I stopped at lunchtime as my colleagues had provide me with a lunch, the office was decorated with ‘Happy retirement’ banners and balloons; it was so lovely and I was presented with a few gifts from friends and garden vouchers and money, which I have yet to spend. I have bought a couple of plants for our garden, an attractive foliage plant, Pieris Forest Flame and a Contorta Hazel, but only so far spent half of my vouchers. I am still very grateful for having worked with such lovely colleagues who I miss, although I would not now have the energy to go into work; waking up is hard much harder now!

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