Retirement begins with a busy week of commitments

In the first week of my official retirement from paid work I was very busy so I was glad I did not have to get up early the day after evening meetings. On September 3rd we had the circuit service at Trinity Chapel. The meeting was packed as we prayed at the beginning of a new circuit year where our ministers in the circuit were re-consecrated for the new connexional year in service. We were not receiving any new ministers into the circuit and one of our ministers had retired from full time ministry. However our ministers had all taken some different appointments within our circuit. We at Wesley had the new appointment of Christine Gillespie as our minister in tandem with Trevor Dixon. Our deacon David Hunt would now be in joint ministry at weekends with Rev Gail Hunt at Gracious Street Knaresborough and Gail would continue as being responsible also for Kearby and Kirk Hammerton two villages in the former Knaresborough circuit. David Hunt would now be in charge of the new venture at the Wesley Centre. Christine Gillespie our minister continued to be in charge of Woodlands Chapel too. Rev. Nick Witham already responsible for Starbeck chapel took on responsibility for 2 chapels in the former Knaresborough circuit, Scotton Chapel and Park Grove chapel. Our superintendant minister remained in charge of Trinity Chapel, as well as Harlow Hill Chapel and took on Pannal Chapel. Rev. Roberta Topham continued to be responsible for Bilton Area Chapel and took on the responsibility for Hampsthwaite Chapel and Killinghall Chapel too. The Chair of our District Rev Dr Elizabeth Smith led the service of re-commissioning.

On Thursday evening September 4th we had our local preachers’ meeting at Wesley Chapel, where we had communion led by Trevor Dixon and Rosemary Green and I supplied refreshments before the meeting. On Friday September 5th the computer course began again. It was good to meet my friends there again but it was a busy week so I did not have much time to relax. However on Thursday morning I had a treat of a massage which did help me to relax.

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