On Wednesday September 10th at Berwick Grange MHA

On Wednesday September 10th I led worship at the MHA Berwick Grange. We began worship as we sang, ‘Come, let us sing of a wonderful love’ before I led the prayers. I then read Matthew 18 v 15-20 before we sang, ‘There’s a wideness in God’s mercy.’
Short Talk
As many of the elderly residents suffer from dementia, I try to make my sermon understandable so I introduced my Teddy puppet and another Teddy to simulate an argument. My younger daughter Cathy used to wind up her elder sister Beth up till she retaliated and then hit Cathy, who came crying to me that Beth had hit her! Beth of course inevitably got into trouble! I had the teddies act that out. Jesus told his disciples that if they had an argument with a colleague or another disciple they were to try first to sort it out between themselves, but if one refused to listen then they must both go and talk to someone who was wise to act as an arbitrator. They both then had to explain the ways their colleague was wrong and then listen to the other person’s point of view. If they still blamed each other and were still not reconciled they had to bring their differences to the Church fellowship and hopefully there sort it out. If all those efforts didn’t work then they had to treat the other as a sinner or a tax collector. To show how the church decided to give up on those involved in an insoluble argument and reject the perpetrators, I threw the teddies on a chair and turned my back on them. However remembering that Jesus never gave up on any person and especially was there for the outcasts and sinners; that is the example he is setting us. Remember how Jesus went to Zaccheaus’ house to tea and that acceptance and welcome Jesus showed him changed his life. We are not to give up on anyone but constantly bring them to Jesus in prayer. I went and picked the teddies up and cuddled them both to show how patient Jesus is with us. We tend to be more critical and judge others more than God does and we need to bring the person who has upset us to God, praying that we may learn to understand and forgive him. Wherever we are Jesus is with us and he is listening to our prayers; he may not answer them in the ways we want but he will answer them, as yes, no or wait. It is not important how many of us come to worship together as Jesus is always there, even if there are only 2 or 3 worshippers; he never leaves us.
We then sang ‘Jesus the name high over all, in hell, or earth or sky,’ to conclude worship.

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