A week of family and friends and a new start

On Tuesday 23rd September I met my former colleague Christine and we went to Harlow Carr Gardens, as she had a membership card. We decided to treat ourselves to lunch in the Betty’s Cafe there; it was not cheap but it was good. I had a Yorkshire Rarebit, cheese on toast served with a lovely mixed salad followed by a favourite of mine, a Vanilla slice; I must admit that Betty’s Vanilla slice is second to none and I can almost still taste it. We then went for a walk round the garden to try and walk off our lunch; it had been changed by a large pond and various themed sheds from different eras otherwise it seemed virtually unchanged from previous visits. It was lovely to enjoy a chat and a walk through Harlow Carr Gardens.

On Wednesday Martyn worked his magic keeping our garden under control. I am so glad we have him to do the main tidying up in the garden otherwise we would be fighting a losing battle, especially as the plants have grown so rampantly this year. I enjoyed a pizza with free salad at Pizza Hut on Wednesday evening with Hilary and a good chat. It is always good to catch up with my friend of 36 years; having got to know her when Beth was 10 months old and her youngest son was also 10 months, although in contrast to Beth was trotting everywhere! Beth used to be the observer and my sister Fran’s husband Dave said that she was like a little Buddha sitting in the middle of the floor! Time passes so quickly.

My beloved and I took Beth out for a meal on the Thursday before her birthday. On her birthday September 27th I took her to have a lunch at a cafe which specialises in gluten free items, amongst which were delicious cakes; Beth treated herself to some take away cakes with some birthday money, as they were so good. It was good to relax after I had spent most of the morning dressed as a banana to promote the Fairtrade Shop at our church. It was quite fun and certainly did draw attention to the stall! My colleague Christine took over the afternoon session when Beth arrived. It was an open day for Wesley Centre’s official launch and dedication on Sunday September 28th. It showed the scope of what was happening and could happen at our new Wesley Centre.

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