Travel, family visits in an eventful week

On Saturday October 18th I went to stay for a night with my sister Fran in Walton-le-Dale Preston. I had an uneventful journey but needed to ring Fran to find the location of her new home, having only been there once before. I found I had missed the shop she had mentioned, so turned round and rang her again, and as we were speaking I saw her waving at me just at the end of the road I had missed!! She too had noticed the car parked across the road! It was good to have arrived. We were soon chatting away and I was enjoying a welcome drink. I was really excited to see her second grandchild Mia Jasmine born only a week earlier to her daughter Kate and her fiancé Harry and the now toddler, older brother Jackson.
After lunch we set off to the local farm where Fran gets her eggs and enjoyed a longer walk, avoiding the mud and puddles; it was a lovely sunny day. Later we rang Kate to see if it was convenient for us to pop over and see them. Soon we were on the way with a pair of shears Harry needed to borrow. Mia was enchanting, a small doll like sleepy baby. Jackson was in his element watching his beloved Dad’s every move, preferably with a tool in his hands; he is a real Daddy’s boy. He had revelled in his father being there all week in support of Kate and Mia on he was on paternity leave. Kate was finding her new baby surprisingly sleepy compared to her more active elder brother. She even had to wake her to try to get her to feed! I never had that trouble; Beth loved the closeness of almost continual feeding and Cathy was very vociferous whenever she needed food and gulped it down gratefully! It was lovely to see the transformation of the back of their home with the extension to the kitchen and back room. As we got ready to leave to return to Fran’s home Fran took the shears from Jackson and he opened his mouth wide in preparation for loud crying; apparently he objects to having any tools taken from him!!
Fran and I had a lovely evening meal and relaxed for further chat and watched a couple of DVDs she had. Time flew and we certainly did not run out of things to say to each other. Her 17 year old cat was pottering around in the background. I slept well; it was a very warm house compared to ours even though she had no heating on. I was impressed with all her changes to her garden and what she had already managed to grow since she moved there. I must admit it looks better having a garden with a small shed than a large shed and decking; it is much more sensible for Jackson to run around in, when he visits, safely locked in the garden with a secure gate. We chatted further the next morning and I got ready to return home after breakfast; time flew! I had a warm welcome from my beloved on my return home. I found I was shattered on my return as I don’t travel much now.

On Tuesday October 21st I had my routine breast screening which a few weeks later I found had been normal. Martyn came to tidy up our garden on Wednesday but could not mow the lawn as we had had so much rain. This year we have not needed to top up our ponds at all; our water containers are all full too. We went to Janet and Graham’s for a meal on Wednesday evening and left early, as my beloved left after a disagreement. One of the things I love about my beloved is that I know exactly what he feels about different issues, but I find confrontations difficult and dislike disagreements with others. I now realise that my beloved had not been as well before we left and I should have just come on my own; when he has had a more exhausting or painful day he needs to rest to be able to cope with going out. Often I go out with the girls on my own as my beloved is not feeling up to joining us. When he has a better day my beloved keeps us all amused with his sense of humour. His dry sense of humour makes me laugh many times at home. On Thursday evening I had a Fairtrade Group meeting which was very productive; I decided to be involved in 2 sub-groups to prepare for the stalls at local events and for a schools event for Fairtrade.

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