Sunday November 9th at Bilton Area Chapel

On Sunday November 9th I reported on a service for Matt Lunn, who is a candidate for the Methodist ministry. It was a Family Parade service for Armistice Day. We began worship after an opening prayer by the steward and we sang ‘Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty’ before Matt led the opening prayers. We then sang, ‘Peace, perfect peace, is the gift of Christ our Lord.’ There was a wide age range from 3 to 90+ including uniformed organisations. He got a few volunteers to participate in a version of the generation game; there was a plastic carrier bag from which various items were removed and we were all encouraged to remember the items, including a cuddly toy of course! Everyone from the eldest to the youngest participated and soon all items had been remembered. That reminded us of the importance of remembering the past in the hope that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past and put an end to war.
Then an elderly lady from the congregation showed us items and photos from her wartime childhood. Then a video of wartime photos were displayed as we prepared for the 2 minute silence. The choir then sang ‘By a monument of marble’ before congregation sang ‘Make me a channel of your peace.’ Matt invited more volunteers to play the ‘Love your neighbour game’; each person had to write a challenge which they passed to the person on the right to do. However once the challenge had been written down the piece of paper was returned to the one who had written the challenge! Suddenly the challenger had to do the challenge! It was a good lesson in treating another person in the way you would wish to be treated!!
A scout read John 15 v9-17 before Matt spoke of Jesus our hope. Another scout read Romans 8v31-32 and Matt gave a short reflection on the message of peace. We then sang, ‘Peace is flowing like a river before Matt led the prayers of intercession. Worship concluded when we sang, ‘Lord for the years.’ It was a thoughtful worshipful service.

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