Visiting Family

On Monday 24th November I set off to Liverpool to spend a night with my step mum, Kathleen. The journey over the M62 ground to halt and slowed down en route because of the volume of traffic; however I just kept going with the comforting voice of my Sat Nav to reassure me I was on the correct route. I must admit the Sat Nav keeps me going when I have to travel alone. I ended up keeping going as there only seemed an opportunity for a break when I was in sight of the end of my journey. I was pleased to hear the Sat Nav telling me that I had reached my destination! I was glad that it had been such a lovely bright sunny day for my journey. I arrived in time for coffee with Kathleen and I was relieved to have had a good journey. I rang my beloved to tell him I had arrived safely.

I took Kathleen to the Anglican cathedral that afternoon, but as its car park was full I had to find somewhere to park, after dropping her at the Cathedral. It was a pity that the car park was full as Kathleen had a disabled parking permit to use in the car. I soon met her at the shop; she was pleased to get some gifts and I enjoyed browsing there. We then had a drink in the cathedral café which we enjoyed with a lovely view. It was lovely to spend a night with Kathleen now she finds it more difficult to travel. I think she is keeping well, although limited with her vision now. I enjoyed lovely meals with her. She seemed pleased that I had brought her my baking of an apple fruit cake and some caramel shortbread.
I was glad to be back home with my beloved after my trip away. I was fortunate with a good journey back in bright sunshine; it always seems quicker when returning home.

On Saturday November 29th I helped with the Christmas coffee morning; I had baked a couple of apple fruit cakes and taken the rest of my caramel shortbread for the occasion. After my stint I went to enjoy the treat of a massage at Skin Sanctuary; I felt really relaxed. I had just started some new medication after I returned home and was knocked out by it; I was much more zonked than usual after my massage and Silvie was so concerned about me that she insisted on walking down the stairs with me to make sure I got down safely! I was glad to try a different medication in December after I had a bad reaction to the drugs; it made me ache and find it difficult to wake up all day!

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