Family, friends and special outings

On Tuesday December 2nd David came to join us for lunch. We went out with him to Café Culture for lunch; I had some delicious soup. It was good to see him and give him his Christmas present. He had come over to see Janet too, so I gave him a lift over to Killinghall. I saw Janet and Graham briefly, although I was concerned to see Janet standing with one crutch over her arm cutting cake, when she should have been taking it easy only a few days after the knee replacement operation and have been using 2 crutches! I can understand however how difficult it is to let others look after you, when you are meant to be resting, as I prefer to be up and doing things. I have had to learn this last year to stop and rest on occasions when suddenly I have felt drained and exhausted after overdoing it. It is a hard lesson for me.

On Tuesday evening I went with Cathy and Beth to Leeds to see ‘Dirty Dancing’ at the Grand Theatre. It was great just going by bus as it brought us almost to the theatre and there was no need to park. Also with my bus pass it cost me nothing. The trip to the theatre with the girls was my Christmas present from Cathy. We first had a meal out together to make it extra special. It is always lovely to spend time with my lovely daughters. The production was very good and it was a special treat to go together. We easily got a bus home as the stop was close to the theatre.

On Wednesday morning Cathy and I went over to see her heavily pregnant friend Kristina and her mum for coffee and cakes. We had a lovely time and found it very easy to chat together; time flew. It is lovely to see Kristina so happy as she and her husband expect their first child at the end of December. They have decided to wait for the birth to find out if it is a boy or a girl. Nowadays mums can know in advance from the scans the sex of the baby. I am not sure if I would want to know in advance. I suppose it makes planning easier if you believe in decorating a bedroom appropriately for either sex. Otherwise the scans would just confirm that all seems well at each stage of the pregnancy or not and whether it is just one baby you are expecting. It would certainly be important to know if twins were expected to prepare.
On Thursday December 4th we had our annual Christmas social for the Local Preacher’s meeting. It was good to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting than the usual routine meeting. We had a go at a Christmas quiz too.

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