Christmas time with family

We had a relaxing approach to Christmas only putting up our decorations at the end of Advent. It is lovely to have all the decorations around us. I was so pleased that Beth actually had 3 days off for Christmas. She was able to sleep in on Christmas Eve before arriving with all her bags of presents to stay till Boxing Day. She needed a rest after six days of 4 am starts in the previous week, so decided not to go to the Midnight communion.
I did not manage to stay up properly on Christmas Eve as I tend to fall asleep in the evening. My beloved is always more awake in the evening and night than me. I was able to get up and do last minute touches to the meal, whilst Beth went to the Christmas morning service. Getting all the different parts of the meal ready at the last minute made my beloved feel rather stressed but he was able to relax more once that was all eaten! We relaxed listening to Christmas music and watched some Christmas day television. We did feel rather sleepy and well satisfied after the Christmas pudding! We did not really need any tea that evening but I did have a sandwich later on, but had no space for cakes! I felt absolutely shattered later and kept dozing off and had to collapse exhausted in bed early on Christmas day!

It was easier to repeat the meal on Boxing Day with less vegetables and potatoes so we would not be so over faced! My beloved still felt rather over full but I felt better after my good sleep. We were able to skype with Cathy in South Africa on Christmas day, which meant she did not seem so far away. She also managed to chat with us on Boxing day accompanied by her youngest charge, Adele. She is 18 months and was a delight, smiling beautifully, sharing her repertoire of animal sounds with us; cats are her favourite. She was happy to say hi to us and said bye bye when we finished chatting. Cathy showed us her lovely surroundings; the older children had gone on safari with the other nanny, which would have been too much for Adele. We had a lovely relaxing family time over Christmas.

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