The old year ends and 2015 starts quietly

On Wednesday I led worship at the Methodist Home for the Aged Berwick Grange. I took a baby doll for my prop. One elderly lady asked me why I had brought a dolly with me and the organist said that was not a dolly but the baby Jesus!! The lady accepted his answer. We began worship as we sang, ‘Once in royal David’s city.’ The residents usually join in the singing of the hymns from memory or just sing along to the tunes; I am never sure how much they take in but I feel it is so important to do a time of worship with them. After the opening prayers I read Luke 2v22-40 before we sang, ‘Come and join the celebration.’

I then acted out the story of Mary and Joseph presenting Jesus in the temple using the baby doll. I always walk around as I act it out to try and make the story come alive for the residents. They all watched closely and appeared to listen. I had a picture of 2 turtle doves to show them the sacrifice Mary and Joseph would have bought to redeem Jesus. I pretended to hand Jesus over to Simeon and then to Anna and had an attentive audience. The organist thought I might have had him being Simeon, which would have been a good idea, I am sure. We concluded the short act of worship when we sang, ‘Hark the Herald angels sing’. Then I went round to each person and touched their hands and asked God to bless them before I left. I always remember how important touch was to my sister Margaret at the end of her life, when she did lose speech and sight. She even blew kisses to me just before I left her for the last time, which made it very special for me, as she seemed to have recognised me at the end.

We had a quiet end to the old year, just the two of us, but as usual I could not stay awake and dozed as my beloved watched Jools Holland on the Hootenanny and told me it was 2015. We had a slow start to New Year’s Day enjoying the Vienna New Year concert as always.

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