Family time is so important

On Tuesday 6th January in the morning I had an appointment with the doctor as I had been suffering with a kind of pins and needles, at times acute pain and other times a dull ache on my right thigh. The doctor was helpful and examined me and discovered I had inflammation of the bursa, bursitis and it would eventually settle. The only treatment she suggested was to take ibuprofen and rest my leg and it should heal itself. She suggested that if it did not improve there were some doctors at our practice who could give me an injection to help the pain. Hopefully it will resolve itself eventually. I am just relieved that it is not serious nor anything to do with circulation.

After I returned from the doctor I went to ‘New Wine’ group where we had fellowship in prayer and singing, before we split into 5 groups and shared our thoughts and prayed for each other. I found the group helpful as it gives me time to rest God’s presence and stop and receive his blessing as I wonder what God wants me to serve him in.

On Wednesday lunchtime I joined Janet and Graham for a sandwich lunch, before Janet and I went to the funeral of the husband of Janet’s colleague from the W.I. Her husband a farmer was a steward at Killinghall chapel, where I preach on occasions and a long time member, but the service was held in Killinghall church as the chapel would not be big enough to hold all who wanted to attend. That was certainly true as the parish church was absolutely packed. The vicar of Killinghall shared the service with the Methodist minister. The first hymn after the introduction was ‘All things bright and beautiful’ and the Bible reading was from John chapter 10 and described Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Andrew Umpleby had been a sheep farmer and loved all his animals. The second hymn was ‘The Lord’s my shepherd’ before Roberta Topham gave the tribute to Andrew. Andrew had died after a short battle with cancer. He was very much a family man, a farmer and devoted to farming in harmony with nature. Even when he was very ill he could still recognise all bird calls and appreciated nature and his animals and was devoted to his family especially his two grandsons. The final hymn was ‘And can it be’ before the committal. It was a moving service.

On Thursday 8th January Cathy joined us to spend her Christmas with us, as she had been working over Christmas. It was lovely to spend time with her. We enjoyed a Christmas dinner and she enjoyed opening her presents with us. My beloved was in good form and it was a lovely occasion. We enjoyed watching ‘How to train your dragon 2’ a Christmas present from Cathy and Ken to my beloved. It was lovely to pop over and see their new home, a flat, into which they are only in the process of moving in. It is a lovely space and Cathy was so pleased to have a settled home to be in. I am sure it is the right place for them. Cathy and Ken had had a few days holiday in Scotland over the New Year, which was a much needed break for them both and vital time together to relax. On Thursday evening Ken came and joined us and we had some Duval De Roy champagne to see in the New Year and congratulate Cathy and Ken on their new home as we enjoyed cheese and biscuits. It is always lovely to spend time with them.
Today has become very windy and wet and am glad to be relaxing with my beloved this evening.

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